PayPal Fundraising & Qgiv: How to Do It!

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Lots of nonprofits start raising money online with PayPal fundraising. Adding the donate button to your website page is a simple first step! Once you start fundraising and see how easy it is to raise money online and the funds for your nonprofit start pouring in, it opens up a whole new world of fundraising possibility.

PayPal Fundraising is a Great Place to Start

Online fundraising is a powerful tool, and fundraising with PayPal is often how nonprofits start doing it.  Online fundraising gives you the power to reach people in the comfort of their homes or on the go, as people turn to their phones for more and more everyday activities.  Offering easy ways for your donors to give to your cause online through mobile forms will be become increasingly important to ensure you are making it as easy as possible for your donors to give you money specifically for your cause, no matter where they are.

PayPal is the way most nonprofits ease into online fundraising to see if it meets the needs of their organization.  And you can receive good results right out of the gate!  But are you missing out on how you could be raising more with just a little more effort on your online donation experience?

Enhance Your PayPal Fundraising with Custom Forms

Did you know that you can dramatically increase the number of donations you earn by adding some personality to your donation forms?  By using Qgiv’s online unlimited branded donation forms and allowing PayPal as a payment method, you can customize the look and feel of your forms to match your website with logo’s and pictures and let your donors pay with the PayPal accounts they use for their online giving.  Sharing a compelling visual story is easy to do with built-in widgets available on all Qgiv forms; you just drag and drop the elements you want to make the donation form in your personal branding.

You can add pictures, logos, change the color of your donation buttons to match your website colors, all with helpful, easy-to-use tools available with Qgiv.  You can use PayPal as a payment method, which makes donating fast and easy for donors who already use PayPal to give. It also lets donors who don’t use PayPal give easily, too! Dramatically improve what your donation form looks like, make it easy to give, and watch your fundraising take off!

More Ways Qgiv Enhances PayPal Fundraising

Qgiv’s unlimited forms aren’t the only tool that can enhance your PayPal fundraising.  PayPal fundraisers that use Qgiv for their fundraising campaigns also get unlimited access to live, personal US-based phone and email support to help them build the best donation forms for their nonprofits.  PayPal fundraisers love the look of their new forms and all the possibilities that come with the ability to add unlimited forms for multiple fundraising campaigns and events.  Qgiv also provides for unlimited online event registration and payment.  You can also easily add promotional codes and early-bird discounts to your events.

More powerful ways to improve your fundraising are available through Qgiv’s online resources, articles and webinars, which ensure you are kept up to date on the latest fundraising trends.

After you have started fundraising with PayPal, take a look at what Qgiv can do for you to improve the look of your donation forms.  Qgiv has helped thousands of successful fundraisers who have enhanced their fundraising with Qgiv and we would love to share their stories with you!  Contact us at 888-855-9595 or learn more here.

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