How to Encourage Text Giving


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It’s 2014, and two-thirds of American consumers own smartphones. It’s  common to see people thumbing through news stories on their phones, double-checking maps as they drive, and texting as they walk down the street. Love them or hate them, smartphones are the new normal — and nonprofits are taking advantage.

The concept of text giving has been around for years, but smartphones are making the process easier. A two-step style of text giving is less expensive for nonprofits, and they get their money more quickly than they did with traditional text giving — it’s a pretty simple process for nonprofits and donors alike. The real challenge is getting donors to use the method in the first place. Here are some ways to encourage text giving.

1. Consider your audience

To encourage text giving, the first step is to make sure you should be using it at all. Text giving tends to go over well with millennial and baby-boomer donors. Older generations are less likely to have smartphones and less likely to make text donations. If your campaign revolves around mature donors, text giving is probably not the best giving method to highlight.

2. Plug it

Text giving usually works best in situations that you have a “captive audience” — a group of people that are collectively focused on one element in particular, like a church congregation on a Sunday morning or event attendees. Having a captive audience makes it easy to “plug” your text giving campaign. You can also get creative in other circumstances. If you have a more open event, for example, where your attendees won’t all be focused on a particular guest speaker or video, try including your text giving campaign on fliers, signs, banners, and other materials.

3. Explain it

Nonprofits who have the most successful text giving campaigns always remember this step. People are often intimidated when faced with a technique or process that is unfamiliar to them. Explaining how the process works, either in print or verbally, will help people be more comfortable giving via text. Keeping the instructions simple and easy to process will produce the best results.

Text giving

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