How Big Brothers Big Sisters Used Eventzee to Host a Virtual Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser

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Is your nonprofit interested in hosting a hybrid or virtual scavenger hunt fundraiser? Looking for tools to make your fundraising event a success? That’s what Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass did when hosting their hybrid scavenger hunt event. They turned to Qgiv to manage the fundraising side of their event and used the Eventzee app to host an outstanding scavenger hunt. 

What is Eventzee?

Eventzee is an app that makes it easy to host scavenger hunts and quiz nights by giving nonprofits the ability to create unique tasks that can be completed both in person and virtually within the Eventzee app. 

Eventzee was the virtual event app of choice for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass’ Scavenger Hunt for Kids’ Sake hybrid scavenger hunt. 

What Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass Did

Directions to participate in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass' virtual scavenger hunt fundraiser.

Because they were hosting a scavenger hunt both virtually and in person, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass used photo challenges to make it fair for both types of teams. The photo challenges encouraged teams to upload photos completing scavenger hunt tasks or gathering scavenger hunt items for points. 

Then, they included challenges which had teams reading about their sponsors. This added tremendous value to sponsorship packages and resulted in significant success securing sponsorships for the event.  

Lastly, they used tie-breaking quiz challenges to ensure that there were no ties when determining the winners. These quiz challenges not only add points for correct answers, bonus points are awarded for speed so the fastest correct answer wins the tie-breaker. 

The Eventzee app kept the game engaging and fun for audiences no matter where they participated from.

How to emulate their success

Ready to host your own hybrid or virtual scavenger hunt fundraiser? Here are some helpful tips about the Eventzee app you can use for your own fundraising success. 

Choose your challenges from one of these virtual scavenger hunt ideas 

Eventzee has seven different challenge types you can use: Information, Video, Text, Photo, Quiz, GPS, and QR Scan. You can use as many different types of challenges as you like for your event. 


A demonstration of an Information challenge from the Eventzee app explaining the idfferent types of challenges available.

The simplest challenge type to complete, the Information Challenge presents information to your audience. They just read and click the Continue button to complete the challenge. The information you share isn’t just limited to text. You can drop in images and even a hyperlink for this type of challenge. It’s a great way to get guests to visit your sponsors’ websites. Big Brothers Big Sisters used this challenge type to help guests learn more about their sponsors. 


A Video Challenge demonstration from the Givi app showing a man knocking on a door marked opportunity. The challenge text asks participants to record a video of themselves knocking on a door.

The Video Challenge is pretty much what it sounds like. Guests create a video and upload it to the Eventzee app to show themselves completing a challenge. The videos should be kept short, usually under 30 seconds, but produce engaging content for your event’s social feed. 


Text Challenges require guests to enter a text-based answer to a puzzle or question. You can set these challenges up to have a specific answer or be open-ended and award points for responses. This type of challenge is great for surveys or to capture guests contact information. 


A Photo Challenge is just like the video challenge except users are uploading a photo instead of a video to show that they’ve completed the challenge. This is great for showing that a certain object is found for scavenger hunts that are based on collecting items. 


A Demo Quiz challenge example asking how many "e's" are in the app title with the correct answer, 4, selected.

A Quiz Challenge presents users with a quiz question they must answer correctly to earn points. These can be questions about sponsors, the event, or random trivia. Additionally, quizzes are used as tie breakers when users all have the same number of points. Use the optional bonus timer to award additional points based on fastest answers. This helps ensure no one scores the same number of points answering your quiz questions. 


A GPS Challenge uses your guests’ devices to determine their location and has them check in at a specific location. Additionally, you can use the closest to the pin setting to award the most points to the individual or team who got closest to the location and award fewer points the farther teams are away when they check in.  

QR Scan

Like a GPS challenge, a QR Scan Challenge requires guests to travel to a specific location. However, instead of checking in with their GPS, guests must scan a specific QR code in order to complete the challenge. You can hide the QR code to make it a tricky challenge or prominently display it in a sponsor’s window. 

With these seven challenge types you can create an engaging, fun scavenger hunt that guests will be excited to compete in. 

Show off sponsors

The Eventzee app is highly customizable and offers several ways to show off your sponsors. We’ve already talked about how Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass used the info challenge option to talk about their sponsors. That’s a great option that everyone will engage with for the points. 

The banner for the Leaderboard within the Eventzee app.

Another option is to add your main event sponsor’s logo to the leaderboard where everyone can see it. As people check their points, they’ll see your main event sponsor’s logo prominently displayed as a banner on the top of the page. This is a great way to gain additional visibility for a presenting sponsor.

Keep your virtual scavenger hunt fundraiser social

One of the best things about hybrid scavenger hunts is they generate a lot of content. Your guests will be uploading images and videos showing them completing challenges, and as the event moderators you have access to all of that great content! 

Once you’ve reviewed what was submitted, you can choose to share that content on your social media to promote the next scavenger hunt you do. You can plan fun challenges and outstanding photo ops to showcase how fun and creative your scavenger hunt is. This will inspire others to take part in future scavenger hunts.  

Additionally, the Eventzee app has a built in chat function where guests can go to talk other attendees. This is a great way to get to know your event participants. Make sure you’re active and engaged in the chat so that your nonprofit remains part of the conversation. Be sure to designate a chat person who can also answer any questions that may arise during the challenge. 

Final thoughts

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass used the Eventzee app with great success for their hybrid scavenger hunt. You can emulate their success using a combination of Qgiv’s peer-to-peer fundraising software and the Eventzee app together to create an engaging and fun event that attendees can take part in wherever they are.  

To learn more about Eventzee, visit their website at

Need a peer-to-peer platform for raising funds while nonprofits complete their scavenger hunt challenges? Give us a try.

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