Text Fundraising For Churches: Your Congregants Probably Don’t Have Cash


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Like other nonprofits, churches often face falling short of their fundraising goals. However, religious organizations have an advantage over many other types of nonprofits – they have a captive audience.

Supporters literally line up at church doors when it’s time for a service or church-related activity. Religious groups get more face-to-face time with their supporters than most other nonprofits. So why are so many churches hurting for donations?

They’re failing to reach congregants where giving is most convenient for them – their cell phones. Asking churchgoers to give using their cell phones helps alleviate several barriers that make in-person giving difficult.

Make the most of of these five text fundraising advantages to empower your supporters to give more so that you can do more in your community.

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Text fundraising makes donating a private act

Donors to nonprofit organizations don’t typically broadcast how much they’re giving and what they want that money to fund. For most donors, giving isn’t an attention-seeking behavior. Their support of the organizations they care about stems from the genuine desire to help.

Asking your congregation to make a cash or check donation during services isn’t very private. When it’s your turn to drop cash in the offering plate, it can feel like all eyes are on you.

If your supporters are concerned about being judged for giving too little or for not having cash or a checkbook that day, they won’t feel very good about that part of the service. Offering your congregation the ability to give via phone is much more private. They’re the only ones looking at the screen and choosing their gift amount! The dialogue between the supporter and the church becomes a two-way conversation rather than an open display of generosity.

Text fundraising offers the church and congregation greater security

Taking up the collection is a common sight in many church services. A basket or plate is passed around the sanctuary, and those in attendance give to support the church and its work. It’s great for camaraderie; those in attendance pool their contributions together in support of the church’s mission. However, it’s also a great opportunity for money to go missing.

Now, it’s unlikely your pews are filled with thieves who only go to services to make a quick buck. That said, collection plates and baskets are easy to drop, and people have been known to exercise poor judgment in a moment of weakness.

By using text fundraising, congregants can text a keyword and donation amount to complete their gift without worry! Your church can rest easy too knowing every donation meant for you will be received. It also saves the time your volunteers or staff would otherwise spend counting cash, noting checks, and driving to and from the bank.

Text fundraising allows giving for those who don’t carry cash

With online shopping and credit card readers becoming more commonplace, your congregants are less likely to carry cash. This is especially true of younger members! If you’ve noticed a decrease in cash donations during the offering, it may be in large part because many of your congregants don’t carry cash. Make up for lost cash gifts by incorporating text giving.

While many of us often lack cash, one thing we don’t leave home without is our cell phone. They’re designed to travel with us. Many of your supporters want to give but may not want to be inconvenienced by a trip to the ATM to do so (they may also just forget!). Instead, let your congregation know they can give with their cell phones and set aside time during the service for them to give.

Text fundraising doesn’t require card readers or other technology

Before text giving, lots of people struggled to find solutions that accepted credit cards but didn’t require investing in card readers or other technology. Many churches don’t have the spare resources to invest in a credit card machine. Instead, those funds are used to make the world a better place! However, not having the ability to accept donations by credit card limits the amount of money churches have to help others.

Text fundraising allows churches to accept offerings via credit card without investing in technology to accept those gifts. It’s a simple, effective way for your congregation to support you without your having to buy new equipment to make it possible.

Text fundraising can help you raise more for your church

Did you know that your supporters can continuously support your church with weekly or monthly donations made with their phones? In addition to cash offerings collected during your services, your supporters can use text fundraising to set up a recurring gift to your organization. These recurring gifts keep your supporters engaged with supporting your church, even if they’re on vacation or can’t attend services. Those recurring donations provide consistent gifts each month, which makes budgeting and planning expenditures easier.

Recurring gifts are much more reliable for your organization than one-off gifts. With text fundraising, you’re making it easy for your supporters to regularly support the important work you do.

Final thoughts

Smartphone usage is on the rise, but cash and check usage is declining. Why not give your church members the option to make tithes and offerings on their phones?

Text-based donations are more private than dropping cash or checks in the collection plate, and the process offers no opportunities for gifts to be lost or taken. Your church won’t have to invest in card readers or other hardware to accept text gifts, and your congregants can make one-time or recurring gifts. And, since your congregants probably have their phones out in church (Bible apps, note-taking apps, and other tools are growing in popularity, too!), it’s a great way to engage them in supporting your church.

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