Best Nonprofit Software: Top 10 Tools for 2024

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Managing a nonprofit takes patience, hard work, and a lot of organization. From planning peer-to-peer fundraisers to properly marketing your online campaigns, there’s an endless number of items on your to-do lists. Luckily, there are many nonprofit software solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your organization and help keep you and your staff from getting overwhelmed!

What is nonprofit software? 

Nonprofit software is software that helps you increase your organization’s efficiency and impact on your cause. This specialized software addresses the unique needs of nonprofits by providing tools to streamline administration tasks, manage donor relationships, and optimize fundraising campaigns. 

Kinds of nonprofit software 

There are a few different types of nonprofit software your organization can take advantage of to boost your campaigns.  

  • Fundraising software helps you run online fundraising campaigns, fundraising events, and text fundraising to maximize the money you raise for your cause. 
  • Donor management software enables you to organize your donor information, track gifts, and strengthen your donor engagement. 
  • Volunteer management software streamlines your volunteer recruitment, scheduling, and communication for a better volunteering experience. 
  • Matching gift software automates the process of your donors using corporate gift matching programs to double their gift’s impact. 
  • Wealth screening software helps you find donors who are capable of different levels of giving.  
  • Marketing software simplifies your outreach efforts so you can stay connected with your supporters. 
  • Administration software minimizes the time your team needs to spend on tasks so they can spend more time bringing awareness to your cause. 

Nonprofit software pricing

The cost of nonprofit software varies based on the type and features that fit your organization’s needs. Some platforms offer free versions of their software with simpler tools for nonprofits just getting started, while comprehensive solutions with more complex features often have subscription-based pricing.

Investing in software that aligns with your organization’s specific goals and needs can help your nonprofit raise more in the long run, so it’s best to find the best solution for you. 

How to use nonprofit software in 2024 

Here are some ways to use nonprofit software to make fundraising easier:  

  • Integrate for efficiency. Integrated software helps you connect your different solutions for more efficient data flow. 
  • Personalize donor engagement. Tailoring your donor communications helps foster stronger connections with your supporters. 
  • Analyze data for informed decisions. Analyze donor behavior, campaign performance, and operational metrics to make data-backed decisions and optimize your fundraising. 
  • Provide accessibility for the whole team. With the rise of remote work, ensure your team can access necessary tools to promote collaboration and flexibility. 

Luckily, there’s nonprofit software for every need you encounter. From accounting to fundraising, there’s a solution ready to pick up the load weighing your team down and help you achieve your fundraising goals

Check out these top nonprofit software providers: 

  1. Qgiv | Best nonprofit software
  2. Bloomerang | Best nonprofit software for donor and volunteer management
  3. Constant Contact | Best nonprofit software for email marketing
  4. Campaign Monitor | Best nonprofit software for email automation
  5. Mailchimp | Best nonprofit software for multichannel marketing 
  6. Double the Donation | Best nonprofit software for matching gifts 
  7. DonorSearch | Best nonprofit software for donor screening  
  8. Affinaquest (formerly HEPdata) | Best nonprofit software for donor data validation 
  9. Zapier | Best nonprofit software for integrations 
  10. QuickBooks | Best nonprofit software for accounting 

Qgiv logo

1. Qgiv | Best nonprofit software

Qgiv’s nonprofit software is easy to use and adapts to your organization by offering multiple fundraising solutions on one platform! Qgiv helps your organization focus on making the donation process as easy as possible for both you and your donors. There are multiple giving options, such as recurring giving, gift matching, and GiftAssist. Qgiv also lets you send custom thank-you messages and receipts and provides social sharing and embeddable widget options.  

Best features of this software for nonprofits 

The best features of Qgiv’s nonprofit software are the different fundraising tools it offers: 

With Qgiv, there’s no need to worry about outgrowing your online fundraising software because your software expands as your nonprofit and fundraising campaigns do.

Why we recommend this nonprofit software solution 

Invest in software that understands nonprofits and can anticipate your changing needs! Qgiv has practically everything any nonprofit could require from an online fundraising platform. From peer-to-peer fundraising solutions to giving apps to comprehensive auction software, Qgiv has all of the tools you need for fundraising and more!  


Check out Qgiv’s product sets and prices to discover the best options for your nonprofit. 

Increase online fundraising with Qgiv! Request a Demo

bloomerang logo

2. Bloomerang | Best nonprofit software for donor and volunteer management

Bloomerang is a donor and volunteer management solution that focuses on helping you create stronger donor retention rates and develop strategic volunteer management practices. By building features based on the industry’s various best practices, Bloomerang can help your organization decrease donor attrition and increase fundraising. Bloomerang uses the latest technologies to present a clean interface to help your nonprofit enhance donor loyalty and build relationships.  

Best features of this nonprofit software  

Of the many features that Bloomerang offers, you should absolutely take advantage of:  

Bloomerang also integrates with Qgiv’s platform. This helps your nonprofit get an even more accurate picture of how your donor base is performing!  

Why we recommend this nonprofit software solution  

Unlike other heavy-duty CRMs, Bloomerang doesn’t prioritize complicated customization capabilities. Instead, it relies on simple integrations to offer the functionality you need.  


Learn more about Bloomerang’s pricing page or request a demo to see their tools in action. 

constant contact logo

3. Constant Contact | Best nonprofit software for email marketing

Constant Contact is an email marketing solution equipped with 100+ customizable email templates to help you reach out to your donors. This software is designed to help you make a mark in the crowded inboxes of your donors.  

Best features of this nonprofit software  

  • Email marketing 
  • Marketing automation 
  • List building tools 
  • Custom landing pages 
  • A/B testing 

Constant Contact also provides a mobile app that allows you to edit your email campaigns on the go.  

Why we recommend this nonprofit software solution  

Constant Contact offers a diverse array of well-crafted email templates that provides flexibility for various content needs to ensure effective outreach to your donors from any location. 


Constant Contact provides plans starting at $12 per month. 

campaign monitor logo

4. Campaign Monitor | Best nonprofit software for email automation

Campaign Monitor offers an email automation platform designed to empower you in crafting impactful email campaigns. The platform offers many features to help enhance your email connections with donors. 

Best features of this nonprofit software  

  • Drag-and-drop email builder 
  • Personalization 
  • Workflow automation 
  • Analytics and reporting 
  • Software integrations 

This nonprofit software offers an easy-to-use marketing solution for your fundraising campaigns. 

Why we recommend this nonprofit software solution  

Campaign Monitor simplifies the email marketing process to ensure accessibility, whether you’re brand new to fundraising or an expert campaigner. The focus on personalization and automation empowers you to create highly targeted and effective campaigns. 


Campaign Monitor offers pricing plans starting at $11 per month. 

mailchimp logo

5. Mailchimp | Best nonprofit software for multichannel marketing

Mailchimp is a versatile multichannel marketing software which can assist you in establishing and strengthening your nonprofit’s brand while connecting with your supporters.  

Best features of this nonprofit software  

  • Drag-and-drop email builder 
  • SMS marketing 
  • Social campaign tracking 
  • Automation workflows 
  • Audience segmentation 

By utilizing Mailchimp, you can enhance your organization’s marketing strategies, targeting your supporters with personalized communications. 

Why we recommend this nonprofit software solution  

Mailchimp helps you collect data which can be translated into actionable insights. This nonprofit software provides you with data on your supporters’ preferences to help you facilitate meaningful conversations about fundraising. Mailchimp’s ability to promote campaigns through various channels ensures engagement, regardless of the platform your donors are using. 


Mailchimp offers multiple pricing plans tailored to your needs, including a free beginner plan. 

double the donation logo

6. Double the Donation | Best nonprofit software for matching gifts

Double the Donation’s nonprofit software strives to help nonprofits maximize their donations through matching gifts. Matching gifts are a common component of corporate giving programs that employers implement to showcase their philanthropic side and promote a positive working environment.  

Double the Donation is a search tool that helps you and your donors quickly find out if someone’s gift is eligible for a match. If the gift is eligible, Double the Donation will present the guidelines and rules of the employer’s specific program if it’s available. From there, the donor can submit their matching gift request and potentially double—or even triple— their original gift!  

Best features of this software for nonprofits  

  • Easy-to-embed widget  
  • Expansive database 
  • Donor base screening 
  • Actionable insights 
  • Integrations  

This nonprofit software can help you maximize your fundraising without increasing your workload. 

Why we recommend this software for nonprofits  

Double the Donation has worked with scores of nonprofits ranging in size from small nonprofits to larger organizations. From one-man shows to multi-officed organizations, Double the Donation can further any cause and increase matching gifts funds.  


Double the Donation offers its basic pricing plan at $999 per year.  

donorsearch logo

7. DonorSearch | Best nonprofit software for donor screening

DonorSearch’s wealth screening tools are a stellar option if your organization is interested in donor relationships, retention, and stewardship. DonorSearch screens your donors to determine their giving capacity and affinity. This is done by reviewing each donor’s wealth status and their philanthropic indicators.  

Best features of this software for nonprofits  

  • Philanthropic and wealth screening 
  • DonorSearch AI 
  • API integrations 
  • Data records 
  • Marketing lists 
  • Gift Search Plus 

Because of these features, DonorSearch is extremely accurate in helping you identify possible high impact donors. For instance, if you start focusing your marketing strategy on Facebook and a major donor is often active on that channel, you may be able to attract other like-minded prospects!  

Why we recommend this software for nonprofits   

The more you know your donors, the better you can engage with them and identify opportunities to make more specific appeals. As another bonus, your nonprofit can receive unlimited training for your DonorSearch software.  


Contact DonorSearch for a quote on their wealth screening tools. 

affinaquest logo

8. Affinaquest (formerly HEPdata) | Best nonprofit software for donor data validation

Affinaquest’s mission is to help nonprofits like yours build stronger relationships with their donors through donor data. With Affinaquest, your organization can easily communicate your mission to donors to help increase overall fundraising. You can use their system to validate donor contact information, which is an important part of keeping your data usable and an even more important part of communicating with and retaining your donors.  

Best features of this software for nonprofits  

  • Donor data 
  • Auto match 
  • Match lookup 
  • Fundraising integrations 

Affinaquest can help you identify potential gift matches throughout the donation process. 

Why we recommend this nonprofit software  

Affinaquest has flexible options to help your organization connect with donors looking to make an even bigger impact.  


Contact Affinaquest for pricing details.  

zapier logo

9. Zapier | Best nonprofit software for integrations

Zapier is an online automation tool to help you connect your favorite nonprofit software. You can automate repetitive tasks and workflows to simplify your administrative tasks. Zapier allows you to create custom workflows, known as “zaps,” by connecting different apps and services. 

Best features of this software for nonprofits  

  • Automation 
  • Integration 
  • Workflow automation 
  • Multi-step zaps 
  • Conditional logic 
  • Task automation 

This nonprofit software can help you with every step of the fundraising process. 

Why we recommend this nonprofit software  

Zapier is designed to be accessible for beginners and advanced users alike. By supporting a vast array of apps, this platform offers flexibility in creating automated workflows to save you time streamlining repetitive tasks. 


Zapier offers flexible pricing, starting with a free plan. 

quickbooks logo

10. QuickBooks | Best nonprofit software for accounting

QuickBooks is a financial management software that streamlines accounting tasks no matter your nonprofit’s size. This software helps your organization with bank reconciliation and tax preparation on top of its other features to enhance overall functionality. 

Best features of this software for nonprofits  

  • Expense tracking 
  • Invoicing 
  • Payroll management 
  • Financial reporting 

This software’s automation of repetitive tasks and generation of insightful reports are key to saving your team time on administrative tasks. 

Why we recommend this nonprofit software  

QuickBooks’ intuitive design makes it accessible regardless of your accounting expertise. QuickBooks also stands out for its scalability, catering to the needs of small nonprofits to large organizations. 


QuickBooks pricing plans start at $30 per month. 

Increase online fundraising with Qgiv! Request a Demo

Getting started with Qgiv 

To kick off your next fundraising campaign with Qgiv, use these key steps:  

  1. Orient yourself with Qgiv. Check out Qgiv’s different tools and features to learn what will work best for your organization. 
  1. Set up your campaign. Create a new fundraising campaign with your campaign name, goal, and description.  
  1. Design and customize your campaigns. Use Qgiv’s design tools to customize your donation forms and campaign pages to match your nonprofit’s branding. Add compelling images, videos, and storytelling elements to engage your donors and supporters. 
  1. Integrate with other tools. Integrate Qgiv with the other nonprofit software your organization uses to make sure there’s a seamless flow of data and better management of donor relationships. 
  1. Promote your campaign. Share your campaign on social media, via email, or on your organization’s website to keep donors updated on the progress of your campaign and express your gratitude. 
  1. Monitor your data analytics. Regularly check the analytics and reporting features to track the performance of your campaigns, understand donor behavior, and use insights to refine your fundraising strategies. 

Final thoughts 

Now that you have our top picks for nonprofit software, your organization will be running more smoothly than ever! Investing in nonprofit software can help you save time and raise more money without adding to your team’s workload. Use this list to find the best solutions for your organization. 

Additional resources 

If you’re interested in learning more about improving your nonprofit, check out these resources: 

Increase online fundraising with Qgiv! Request a Demo

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