Nonprofit Software: 9 Awesome Tools for 2022 [Updated]

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Learn more about how Qgiv's nonprofit software can elevate your fundraising!

Managing a nonprofit takes patience, hard work, and above all, a lot of organization. From planning peer-to-peer fundraisers to properly marketing your online campaigns, there is an endless number of items on your to-do lists.

Luckily, there’s a nonprofit software for every need you encounter. From accounting to fundraising, there’s a solution ready to pick up the administrative load weighing you down and help you achieve your fundraising goals!

Check out these top nonprofit software providers:

  1. Qgiv | Online Fundraising
  2. Bloomerang | Donor Database Management
  3. DonorPerfect | Fundraising Growth Platform
  4. Neon One | Cloud-based CRM Software
  5. Double the Donation | Matching Gifts
  6. DonorSearch | Wealth Screening
  7. Kindful | Donor Data Fundraising Software
  8. HEPdata | Donor Relationship Software
  9. Leaderosity | Best Nonprofit Software for Learning Management

Read on to learn which software solutions can help your organization run smoothly and more efficiently!

Read on to learn about Qgiv's nonprofit software.

1. Qgiv | Best Nonprofit Software

Nonprofit Software Overview

Qgiv’s award-winning nonprofit software is easy to use and adapts to your organization, meaning the solution grows as you do! 

Qgiv offers nonprofits the chance to engage and communicate with donors through powerful donation pages and online event registrations. You can raise even more money with Qgiv’s peer-to-peer platform, mobile fundraising options, recurring gift nudges, and auction software. 

Plus, Qgiv will help your organization focus on making the donation process as easy as possible. Send custom thank-you messages and receipts, and use their mobile giving, social sharing, and embeddable widget options too. 

Best Features of this Software for Nonprofits

What’s the best part about Qgiv? For one thing, there are absolutely no limits on your online giving software. That means: 

  • Unlimited donation forms
  • Unlimited simple events
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited training
  • Unlimited live support

With Qgiv, there’s no need to worry about outgrowing your online fundraising software. Your software expands as you and your campaigns do. 

Why We Recommend this Nonprofit Software Solution

Invest in software that understands nonprofits and can anticipate your changing needs! Qgiv has practically everything any nonprofit could require from an online fundraising platform. From peer-to-peer fundraising solutions to giving apps to comprehensive auction software, Qgiv has the tools you need for fundraising and more! 

Qgiv is always looking to offer the best tools to their clients. They constantly strive to improve their software, and their recent donation form redesign won them a BIG Innovation Award. Early results show that the redesign paid off, with conversion rates on the new forms over 2x higher than conversion rates on legacy forms. 


If you’re interested in Qgiv’s platform, there are a variety of pricing plans you can pick from. Our no long-term contract pricing means you can upgrade and downgrade your plans as needed! Check out our product sets and prices, or learn more about how using the right donation form can impact funds raised. 

Read on to learn more about Bloomerang and its nonprofit fundraising software.

2. Bloomerang | Best Nonprofit Software for Donor Database Management

Nonprofit Software Overview

Bloomerang is a donor management solution that focuses on helping nonprofits create stronger donor retention rates and develop strategic donor management practices. By building features based on the industry’s various best practices, Bloomerang can help nonprofits decrease donor attrition and increase revenue. 

Bloomerang uses the latest technologies to present a clean interface and can help your nonprofit enhance donor loyalty and build relationships. 

Best Features of this Nonprofit Software 

Of the many features that Bloomerang offers, you should absolutely take advantage of: 

  • Interactive dashboards. Review your donor retention rate and track your campaigns’ successes all in one place. 
  • Constituent timelines. Bloomerang’s timeline visually represents every interaction at both individual and organizational levels. 
  • Giving summaries. View a constituent’s past giving to your organization and their current engagement level. 
  • Smart reports. Create comprehensive reports with just a few clicks! 

Bloomerang also integrates with Qgiv’s platform. This helps your nonprofit get an even more accurate picture of how your donor base is performing! 

Why We Recommend this Nonprofit Software Solution 

Unlike other heavy-duty CRMs, Bloomerang doesn’t prioritize complicated customization capabilities. Instead, it relies on simple integrations to offer the functionality you need. 


Bloomerang’s pricing is simple and straightforward and can be reviewed on their pricing page

Read on to learn about DonorPerfect's nonprofit software.

3. DonorPerfect | Best Nonprofit Software for Fundraising Growth

Nonprofit Software Overview

DonorPerfect is a donor management system that offers tools to help grow your donor community and build your fundraising capacity. 

This solution is completely customizable to the needs of almost any nonprofit. Manage your donor data and raise more money in the most effective way possible. 

Best Features of this Nonprofit Software 

DonorPerfect offers a variety of great features, including: 

  • Data management 
  • Gift processing 
  • Reporting 
  • Implementation, training, and support 
  • Payment services 
  • Branded online forms 

Take advantage of any of these capabilities to empower your nonprofit! 

Why We Recommend this Nonprofit Software Solution 

From your very first day as a user, DonorPerfect’s client services team helps you  get started, learn a new feature, or optimize your database. 

Your specialist will get to know you and your nonprofit organization in order to determine the next best steps in using the platform. 


Visit DonorPerfect’s pricing page to request a quote tailored to your specific needs. 

4. Neon One | Best Nonprofit Software for Cloud-based Data

Nonprofit Software Overview

Neon One, a constituent relationship management system (CRM) and online nonprofit fundraising solution, is a good fit for nonprofits of any size and in any industry. With Neon One, you can manage donors, process one-time and recurring donations, and even host events. 

Best Features of this Nonprofit Software Solution 

Neon One provides flexible solutions to data management with its cloud-based solution. This means that all your data is centralized in one place and is accessible whenever (or wherever!) needed. 

All your data can seamlessly flow into Neon One and help you and your fundraising team: 

  • Automate emails to donors 
  • Create donor profiles 
  • Compile comprehensive reports 

With Neon One, you’ll always have the best data and make the smartest choices. 

Why We Recommend this Software for Nonprofits 

Neon One’s solution was built by people who run nonprofits, so you know this tool can anticipate your nonprofit needs. Take advantage of Neon One and increase fundraising! 


Neon One is a great way to keep track of donor information, process online gifts, and help you raise more money. Learn more about Neon One on their website!

Learn more about Double the Donation's nonprofit software.

5. Double the Donation | Best Nonprofit Software for Matching Gifts

Nonprofit Software Overview

Double the Donation’s nonprofit software strives to help nonprofits maximize their donations through matching gifts. 

Matching gifts are a common component of corporate giving programs. Employers implement these programs to showcase their philanthropic side and promote a positive working environment. 

Specifically, matching gift programs describe when companies match their employees’ donations to eligible nonprofits. Unfortunately, only 1 in 10 eligible donors actually submit their request for a gift to be matched. This means that most nonprofits are losing out on available contributions. 

Double the Donation is a search tool that helps you and your donors quickly find out if someone’s gift is eligible for a match. If the gift is eligible, Double the Donation will present the guidelines and rules of the employer’s specific program (if it’s available). 

From there, the donor can submit their matching gift request and potentially double—or even triple— their original gift! 

Best Features of this Nonprofit Software Solution 

  • Easy-to-embed. Double the Donation’s software includes a widget you can easily embed on your website or donation form. Their widget helps your donors easily identify their gift’s eligibility by typing in their company’s name. 
  • Expansive databaseDouble the Donation maintains the largest database of companies with matching gift programs, so your team can pinpoint every eligible donor.  
  • Integrations. Not only does Double the Donation easily integrate with the Qgiv platform, but it also directly integrates with other popular tools to help you build out the integrated solution your nonprofit needs. These integrations include other Qgiv CRM partners like Salesforce, Raiser’s Edge NXT, Neon, DonorPerfect, and Kindful.   

For a more comprehensive solution better suited for larger nonprofits, check out Double the Donation’s other tool, 360MatchPro. 

360MatchPro will automatically screen your donor base, identify those who are matching gift eligible, and send them the appropriate materials. Use this software to automate potential match identification, drive matches to completion, and create actionable insights into your donor base! 

Why We Recommend this Software for Nonprofits 

Double the Donation has worked with scores of nonprofits ranging in size from small-but-mighty nonprofits like Ridgefield Library to larger organizations like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. From one-man shows to multi-officed organizations, Double the Donation can further any cause and increase matching gifts funds. 


Double the Donation offers its basic pricing plan and then its more comprehensive 360MatchPro plan. Pricing can be found here

Read on to learn about DonorSearch's nonprofit software.

6. DonorSearch | Best Nonprofit Software for Wealth Screening

Nonprofit Software Overview

DonorSearch’s wealth screening tools are stellar options for nonprofits interested in donor relationships, retention, and stewardship. 

DonorSearch screens your donors in order to determine their giving capacity and giving affinity. This is done by reviewing each donor’s wealth status as well as their philanthropic indicators. 

Because of these features, DonorSearch is extremely accurate in helping nonprofits identify their high impact donors. 

Best Features of this Nonprofit Software 

  • Prospect generator. DonorSearch can help pick out high impact donors from your existing database and reveal potential new donors. With its prospect generator, you can find new prospective donors who are already interested in your cause. Your results will include individuals who have given to similar causes or have other traits in common with your most loyal supporters. 
  • Meet new donors where they’re at.  The DonorSearch solution can show you were your biggest donors already hang out online … which allows you to target your marketing efforts to reaching more people just like them! Their reports can also show you business or foundation affiliations, real estate holdings, wealth data, giving history, and more. 
  • It’s the world’s largest philanthropic database. DonorSearch boasts access to more donor information that any similar tool on the market. They’ll use the donor info you give them and match it with  information found across charitable giving and wealth databases to give your actionable solutions. 

For instance, you may choose to start focusing your marketing strategy on Facebook if a major donor is often active on that channel; you may be able to attract other like-minded prospects! 

Why We Recommend this Nonprofit Software 

The more you know your donors, the better you can engage with them and identify opportunities to make more specific appeals. As another bonus, your nonprofit can receive unlimited training for your DonorSearch software. 


Contact DonorSearch for a quote on their wealth screening tools. 

Read on to learn about Kindful's nonprofit fundraising software.

7. Kindful | Best Nonprofit Software for Donor Data

Nonprofit Software Overview

Kindful’s nonprofit software helps organizations manage their donor data and grow donor relationships in meaningful ways. 

Equipped with their fundraising tools, you can create donation pages, facilitate social fundraisers, and customize donor profiles for each of your supporters. 

Best Features of this Software for Nonprofits 

  • Robust reporting features. Kindful stands out among other nonprofit software with its tracking and reporting features. Kindful knows that fully understanding your data is an important part of planning for the future. 
  • Activity tracking. Keep an eye on your most loyal donors’ preferences and activity with Kindful’s activity tracking. From your centralized dashboard, you can see your donors’ latest transactions and other engagement activities. With real-time insights, you have easy access to the current donor lifecycle analytics. 
  • Customization options. Kindful makes it easy to run both pre-built and custom reports, which means you’ll always be working with the most current and comprehensive donor information. 

Why We Recommend this Nonprofit Software 

With over $5.6 billion donations tracked and a 97.5% customer satisfaction rate, it’s hard to not immediately turn to Kindful. Turn your numbers and metrics into meaningful insights and better understand your donors with Kindful! 


Kindful’s price depends on the size of your nonprofit. Take a look at your nonprofit’s current state and use this scale to determine the best price for you. 

8. HEPdata | Best Nonprofit Software for Donor Relationships

Nonprofit Software Overview

Since its founding in 1997, HEPdata’s mission has been to help nonprofits build stronger relationships with their donors through donor data. HEPdata—which also launched GiftPlus, the first electronic matching gifts database in the U.S.—only serves nonprofit and higher education institutions. 

With HEPdata, your nonprofit can easily communicate your mission to donors to help increase overall fundraising. You can use their system to validate donor contact information, which is an important part of keeping your data usable and an even more important part of communicating with and retaining your donors. Good data hygiene increases your chances of engaging with potential donors! 

Best Features of this Software for Nonprofits 

  • Robust donor data. Their robust tools can help you recover lost contacts, easily verify contact information, and reduce your bounce rate on email campaigns. 
  • Find existing match opportunities. They offer an online screening solution to help you find match-eligible donors in your existing database. You don’t have to pay to for the summary—just the results—so you can have a strong idea of the potential without having to take a financial risk.  
  • Fundraising integrations. HEPdata also integrates well with other online fundraising platforms—including Qgiv—giving you access to details from over 23,000 matching gift programs. 

Qgiv’s HEPdata integration helps donors and nonprofits through each stage of identifying and accessing a matching gift all the way from donation to match disbursement. That’s an invaluable fundraising tool! 

Why We Recommend this Nonprofit Software 

HEPdata has flexible pricing options that are based on your nonprofit’s budget and which services you’re looking for. 


 With HEPdata, your nonprofit can access solutions for fundraising and donor relationship management! Check out their homepage for pricing details. 

Leaderosity is the best nonprofit software for learning management.

9. Leaderosity | Best Nonprofit Software for Learning Management

Nonprofit Software Overview

Leaderosity by The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is a learning management system (LMS) built specifically for nonprofit use. Organizations can use this software to expand employee training, enhance fundraising skills, and develop nonprofit leaders.  

This platform is the perfect place to engage staff, volunteers, community members, or other industry professionals with educational resources that relate to their mission.  

Best Features of this Nonprofit Software 

Leaderosity offers all of the features necessary for an effective learning management system to engage its users. Some of these amazing features include:  

  • Personalized learning paths. Allow users to work at their own pace and provide updates as to their progress towards goals with engaging learning paths.  
  • Streaming and downloading capabilities. Engage your audience with livestreaming sessions directly through the learning platform. You can also encourage them to download resources for future reference.  
  • Permission-based access. Give your learners their own permission-based accounts to track their learning progress. Alternatively, you can offer a single access code for an entire group to gain access to the same content that they need.  
  • Event registrations. Are you hosting a conference or an educational event in addition to your other learning opportunities? Ask supporters to register for the event on the same platform where they complete their other learning activities!  

The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance believes in the Leaderosity platform so much that they use it for their own credential courses as a part of the CNP (Certified Nonprofit Professional) program

Why We Recommend this Nonprofit Software Solution 

Not only is Leaderosity a comprehensive and effective LMS platform, but it’s also hosted by a group of nonprofit experts who specialize in nonprofit training. The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance team will do all of the heavy lifting on behalf of your organization, making the implementation of this software the easiest part of the process. They’ll convert your existing educational materials or help you create new ones depending on your goals. 


Contact The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance to learn more about their comprehensive LMS platform, Leaderosity.  

Now that you have our top picks for nonprofit software, your organization will be running more smoothly than ever!

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Learn how to maximize fundraising success and engage donors with Qgiv's nonprofit software.


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