Nonprofit Software: 10 Awesome Tools for 2019 [Updated]

Fundraising Software

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Managing a nonprofit organization takes patience, hard work, and above all, a lot of organization. From managing peer-to-peer fundraisers to properly marketing your organization online, there’s an endless number of things on your to-do lists.

Luckily, there’s a software solution for every need you encounter. For everything from accounting to fundraising, there’s software ready to pick up the administrative load weighing you down.

Check out these top nonprofit software providers:

  1. Qgiv – Online Fundraising
  2. Double the Donation – Matching Gifts
  3. DonorSearch – Wealth Screening
  4. Bloomerang – Donor Database Management
  5. DonorPerfect – Fundraising Growth Platform
  6. ClearView CRM – Constituent Relationship Management
  7. Fonteva – Event Management
  8. 360MatchPro – Marketing Matching Gifts
  9. Morweb – Web Design
  10. Cloudways – Managed Cloud Hosting Platform

Read on to learn which software solutions can help your organization run smoothly and more efficiently!

Take your fundraising to the next level with Qgiv’s comprehensive suite of nonprofit software. Qgiv offers all the tools your team will ever need to engage donors and raise more funds. See Qgiv in action. You can learn more about Qgiv by requesting a demo today.
Take a look at Qgiv's nonprofit software that's best for online fundraising.

1. Qgiv – Best Nonprofit Software

Nonprofit Software Overview

Qgiv’s nonprofit software is easy to use and adapts to your nonprofit, meaning it grows as you do!

Qgiv offers nonprofits the chance to really engage and recognize their donors with customized and inspirational donation pages.

Plus, Qgiv will help your organization focus on making the donation process as easy as possible. Send custom thank-you’s and receipts, and use their mobile giving, social sharing, and embeddable widget options, too.

Best Features of this Software for Nonprofits

We’re obviously a little biased… but we do work really hard to make our software the best possible solution for nonprofit fundraisers regardless of their organization’s size.

What’s the best part about Qgiv? It’s hard to pick, but we have to mention there are absolutely no limits on your online giving software. That means:

  • Unlimited donation forms
  • Unlimited simple events
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited training
  • Unlimited live support

With Qgiv, there’s no need to worry about fundraising out of the scope of your software because your software will expand as you and your campaigns do.

Why We Recommend this Nonprofit Software Solution

Qgiv has practically everything any nonprofit could need. From peer-to-peer fundraising solutions to giving kiosks, Qgiv has your back for fundraising and more!


Qgiv has multiple packages, so your organization can find the one that suits you best. Our pricing is as follows:

  • Start: $0/month, 3.95% and 30¢ per transactions
  • Grow: $49/month, 3.95% and 30¢ per transactions
  • Mobile Suite: $99/month, 3.95% and 30¢ per transactions
  • Peer-to-peer: $199/month, 3.95% and 30¢ per transactions, peer-to-peer add 1%
  • Impact: Contact for rates
See how Qgiv's nonprofit software can help your organization.
If you're looking for a nonprofit software for matching gifts, Double the Donation is the perfect provider.

2. Double the Donation – Best Nonprofit Software for Matching Gifts

Nonprofit Software Overview

Double the Donation’s nonprofit software strives to help nonprofits maximize their donations through matching gifts.

Matching gifts are part of a corporate program enabling companies to match their employees’ donations to eligible nonprofits. Unfortunately, only 1 in 10 eligible donors submits their request to have their donations matched, so nonprofits are losing out on contributions.

Double the Donation identifies eligible donors and then helps them submit their matching gift requests so your organization sees as much profit as possible.

Best Features of this Nonprofit Software Solution

Double the Donation’s software includes a widget you can easily insert on your website or donation form. Their widget helps your donors easily identify their employer’s eligibility by typing in the company name.

Why We Recommend this Software for Nonprofits

Double the Donation has worked with scores of nonprofits ranging in size from Ridgefield Library to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. From one-man shows to multi-officed organizations, Double the Donation holds furthering your cause by means of matching gifts at the top of their priority list.


Double the Donation offers two plans so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Their pricing is as follows:

  • Basic: $299/year
  • Premium: $499/year
See how Double the Donation's nonprofit software for matching gifts can help your organization.
DonorSearch's nonprofit software is the best option for wealth screening.

3. DonorSearch – Best Nonprofit Software for Wealth Screening

Nonprofit Software Overview

DonorSearch’s wealth screening tools are stellar additions for nonprofits interested in donor relationships, retention, and stewardship.

Advertised as having the “highest accuracy rate in the industry,” DonorSearch’s data is 70% accurate, which is as accurate as wealth screening data can be without manual verification. On top of that, their specialists will review as many records as your organization needs, bumping their accuracy rate up to 90%.

With great philanthropic reviews, a prospect generator, daily screenings, and more, how can anyone say no to DonorSearch?

Best Features of this Nonprofit Software

Their prospect generator helps increase your donor base by finding new prospects who are already interested in your cause. Your results will include individuals who have given to similar nonprofits or causes.

Why We Recommend this Nonprofit Software

Aside from DonorSearch’s success rates, your nonprofit can receive unlimited training for your DonorSearch software.


Contact DonorSearch for a quote on their wealth screening tools. Don’t forget to try out their free demo with a DonorSearch team member, too!

Check out how DonorSearch's nonprofit software can help your organization with wealth screening.
Bloomerang is the Best Nonprofit Software for Donor Database Management

4. Bloomerang – Best Nonprofit Software for Donor Database Management

Nonprofit Software Overview

Bloomerang is a donor management solution whose focus revolves around creating stronger donor retention rates and strategic donor management practices. They have pooled together the industry’s various best practices to help nonprofits decrease donor attrition and increase their revenue.

Bloomerang uses the latest technologies to present a clean interface and a cloud-based system and can help your nonprofit enhance its donor loyalty.

Best Features of this Nonprofit Software

Of the many features that Bloomerang offers, you should absolutely take advantage of:

  • Interactive dashboards. Review your donor retention rate and track your campaign’s success.
  • Constituent timelines. Bloomerang’s timeline visually represents all interactions at both individual and organizational levels.
  • Giving summaries. View a constituent’s past giving to your organization, and their current engagement level.
  • Smart reports. Create comprehensive reports with just a few clicks!

Bloomerang also integrates with Qgiv’s platform, which can help your nonprofit get an even more accurate picture of how your donor base is performing!

Why We Recommend this Nonprofit Software Solution

Unlike other heavy-duty CRMs, Bloomerang doesn’t prioritize complicated customization capabilities. Instead, it relies on simple integrations to offer users the functionality they need.


Bloomerang’s pricing is simple and straightforward:

  • 0 – 1,000 records: $99/month
  • 1,001 – 5,000 records: $199/month
  • 5,001 – 15,000 records: $299/month
  • 15,001 – 25,000 records: $399/month
  • 25,001 – 40,000 records: $499/month

Lighter options are also available for smaller nonprofits just starting out.

Learn more about Bloomerang's nonprofit software.
DonorPerfect is a top nonprofit software solution.

5. DonorPerfect – Best Nonprofit Software for Fundraising Growth

Nonprofit Software Overview

DonorPerfect is a donor management system (CRM) that offers tools to help grow your donor community and build your fundraising capacity.

It’s completely customizable to the needs of almost any nonprofit type and allows you to manage your donor data and raise more money in the most effective way possible.

Best Features of this Nonprofit Software

DonorPerfect offers a variety of great features, including:

  • Data management
  • Fundraising tools
  • Gift processing
  • Reporting
  • Implementation, training, and support
  • Payment services
  • Online forms

Why We Recommend this Nonprofit Software Solution

DonorPerfect’s client services team helps you from the very first day, whether you want to learn a new feature, optimize your database, or just get started. Your specialist will get to know you and your organization so they can help you determine your next best steps in using the platform.


Visit DonorPerfect’s pricing page to request a quote tailored to your specific needs.

Learn more about DonorPerfect's nonprofit software.
ClearView CRM is the best nonprofit software for constituent relationship management.

6. ClearView CRM – Best Nonprofit Software for Constituent Relationship Management

Nonprofit Software Overview

ClearView CRM is a cloud-based CRM, fundraising software solution, and donor database. It’s easy to use on any device, and gives you the data and tools you need to grow constituent devotion.

Best Features of this Nonprofit Software

Out of all of ClearView CRM’s offerings, their constituent relationship management stands out with these great features:

  • Opportunity management
  • Activity management
  • Prospect research
  • Demographic data
  • Duplicate resolution
  • Analytic reporting
  • Volunteer management
  • Direct/online communications

Why We Recommend this Nonprofit Software Solution

ClearView CRM is highly customizable and fully integrates with Qgiv’s platform. It also offers features like list segmentation and extensive reporting options, which can streamline efficiency for large organizations.


Contact ClearView CRM for a quote on their nonprofit software!

Learn more about Clearview CRM's nonprofit software.
Take a look at Fonteva's nonprofit software best suited for helping your organization with event management.

7. Fonteva – Best Nonprofit Software for Event Management

Nonprofit Software Overview

Perfect for nonprofits who are already using Salesforce, Fonteva offers easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate event management software better known as Fonteva Events.

This cloud-based solution was built on Salesforce, so there’s no hassle to integrate software solutions. Perfect for any kind of event (multi-day, multi-session, etc.), Fonteva Events can handle your most complex pricing rules for event tickets and your most simple announcements.

It also has an intuitive event setup process that includes registration flows. Manage your speaker, sponsor, vendor, and venue details all in one central location, and connect with Fonteva’s 90+ payment processors to find the best fit for your organization.

Best Features of this Nonprofit Software Solution

Fonteva has a list of amazing and crucial features needed to host a stellar event:

  • Event management. Use Fonteva’s event setup wizard and manage exhibitors, sponsorships, venues, speakers, and vendors.
  • Attendee management. Create and access schedules, attendee agenda builders, and wait-lists.
  • Advanced registration. Fonteva offers on-the-go registration, an advanced pricing engine, payment processing, ticketing, and more.
  • Event marketing. Get access to mobile-ready event micro-sites and a customizable form launcher.
  • eCommerce. Use Fonteva’s full revenue accounting, eStore, single shopping cart, order management feature, and online donations capabilities.
  • Reports and dashboards. With an easy drag and drop report setup, there’s nothing your organization can’t report on!

Why We Recommend this Software for Nonprofits

Fonteva is used by over 23,000 nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions and is built on Salesforce, making it a perfect fit for nonprofits who already use Salesforce.


Contact Fonteva for a quote on their Fonteva Events solution.

See how Fonteva's nonprofit software can help you.
Check out 360MatchPro's nonprofit software if you're interested in marketing your matching gifts.

8. 360MatchPro – Best Nonprofit Software for Marketing Matching Gifts

Nonprofit Software Overview

360MatchPro is the ideal nonprofit software for marketing matching gifts across multiple nonprofit channels.

360MatchPro states that they “automate the three essential components of a successful matching gift program,” which are automating identification across your fundraising, driving matches to completion, and creating actionable insights with next steps.

Their software helps automate your outreach through triggered email reminders and sends one-off emails for personal approaches.

Best Features of this Software for Nonprofits

360MatchPro wants your nonprofit staff members to spend their time in the most beneficial and efficient manner, which is why they help you identify match opportunities as quickly as possible, update your documentation, and even track new donors!

Why We Recommend this Nonprofit Software

This software focuses on spreading the word about matching gift eligibility. With 360MatchPro, you can easily identify eligible donors through their email domains and configure automated matching gift related messaging for them.


Contact 360MatchPro for a quote on their nonprofit software.

See how 360MatchPro's nonprofit software can help your organization.
Morweb is the best nonprofit software for web design.

9. Morweb – Best Nonprofit Software for Web Design

Nonprofit Software Overview

Morweb is a content management system built specifically for nonprofits and associations. It offers web design tools, as well as partners with a full-service web design agency.

Best Features of this Nonprofit Software

In addition to online donation tools, event modules, and CRM integration, Morweb offers for your web design:

  • Easy content updating
  • Image optimization
  • Customizable layouts
  • Simple blogging
  • Image sliders
  • Social media integration
  • SEO tools

Why We Recommend this Nonprofit Software Solution

Morweb is intended for users without a technical or design background. No coding experience is necessary, and you can easily use the drag-and-drop frontend designer. This makes long-term maintenance easier, and nonprofits and associations can use the other built-in features meant for their market, such as online donations.


Morweb offers three pricing plans for all organization sizes:

  • Smaller nonprofits: $99/month
  • Growing nonprofits: $149/month
  • More sophisticated websites: $199/month

Morweb also offers bulk pricing for larger organizations.

Check out Morweb's nonprofit software.
Cloudways is a top nonprofit software for cloud hosting.

10. Cloudways- Best Nonprofit Software for Cloud Hosting

Company Overview

Cloudways is a Managed Cloud Hosting Platform that takes care of all aspects of hosting the nonprofit websites including security, deployments, and upgrades so that you don’t get your hands dirty with all the technical stuff and focus on creating a greater impact.

With Cloudways, you can host your website on any of the top-tier IaaS providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Compute Engine (GCE), Digital Ocean (DO), Linode and Vultr.

Best Features

  • 24×7 Caring & Expert Support
  • Top Five Cloud Providers
  • 1-Click Scaling
  • Built-in CDN
  • 1-Click Free SSL Certificate Installation
  • Dedicated Security
  • 1st Migration Free

Why We Recommend Cloudways

Cloudways comes with a powerful feature set, and you can scale hosting resources as your nonprofit organization grows. Their infrastructure is optimized for speed, performance and security.


With Cloudways you only pay for what you use. Cloudways’ flexible pricing starts at $10/month. For eligible nonprofits, Cloudways offers 20% Off for one year.

Now that you have our top picks for nonprofit software, your organization will be running more smoothly than ever!

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