The 2018 Giving Tuesday Toolkit

Fundraising Ideas

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There’s a lot of noise around Giving Tuesday. We went out and found the most important how-to articles, best practices, and resources out there. Then we put them all together in one big Giving Tuesday Toolkit!

From the lead-up to the event to day-of activities and beyond, here’s what you need.

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Giving Tuesday Toolkit: Event lead-up and preparation

This will be the longest section! Being well-prepared is the #1 way you’ll succeed on Giving Tuesday, and there’s a ton of valuable information available that will help you get ready. Here are some of our favorite guides, resources, and ideas.

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Giving Tuesday Toolkit: Communication pieces

Communication is important every day, but it’s especially important on Giving Tuesday! Thousands of nonprofits will be raising money that day—here are some articles and tools that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Giving Tuesday Email Examples, Plans, and Templates — The Qgiv Blog: You know you need to use email in this campaign. But what should you say? When should you say it? Don’t worry—this blog article has you covered

Giving Tuesday Toolkit: Building the best Giving Tuesday donation form

Whether you’re posting on social channels or sending emails, building a great donation form will set you up for success. Here are a few articles on how you can build the best-ever Giving Tuesday donation page.

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Giving Tuesday Toolkit: Turning your Giving Tuesday donors into long-term supporters

If you’re spending even a little money on your Giving Tuesday campaign—and, if you’re like most nonprofits, you are—you want to make sure it was wisely spent. Retaining the donors you attract on the big day is the most efficient way to ensure your money is a good investment. Here are some resources that will help you keep them engaged.

Is Your Giving Tuesday toolkit missing any pieces?

Have you got a great donation form? Are your thank-you pages and receipts ready? Do you have a Giving Tuesday fundraising goal you’re tracking with a thermometer? If not, we can help! Our clients have a ton of fun raising money on Giving Tuesday, and you can, too. Contact us to learn more about fundraising with Qgiv!

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