5 Reasons To Keep a Virtual Fundraising Event on Your Calendar

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Virtual events are here to stay, and for nonprofits that means more opportunities to fundraise without breaking the bank and a sweat. Virtual events have proven flexible, cost effective, and easily planned vs. their in-person counterpart. Even though people are looking forward to reconnecting at traditional galas and parties, having a virtual fundraising event in the arsenal certainly doesn’t hurt.

Here are 5 reasons why you should keep virtual fundraising events on your calendar: 

  1. Adaptability – The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the workplace, and events industry as a whole, are perfect examples of how having an adaptive backup plan is never a bad idea. With many companies looking toward future goals, being flexible with plans is a necessity. Why? Because the world can change on a dime. With virtual events, no matter the current state of affairs, you’re able to host your planned fundraising event.  
  1. User Friendly -When hosting an in-person gathering, getting the tangibles in place takes more than just a quick email, and often needs months and months to plan. Yet, having a virtual event on calendar, you’re able to secure vendors and create video conference lines in a matter of minutes. You can even add entertainment components, like our friends Fun Team Events, with just a few clicks. All with no traveling, multiple walk-throughs, or day-of stress once the deliveries start piling up!  

    With a virtual event and production specialist, all these elements run smoothly and seamlessly from one to another. Want to share an update on the auction? No problem, simply crack the mic, share the QR code, or link in chat. Easily showcase a compelling video before spotlighting your CEO to solicit donations.
  1. Cost Effective – Decor, gift bags, marketing, music, catering, venue…and the list goes on. No matter where you try and save on costs, to hold a successful fundraiser in person, there will always be fixed costs that are unavoidable. A venue, for instance, is a necessary component, yet it usually comes with the biggest price tag.  

    With virtual efforts, however, you avoid the sky-high prices that drive ticket sales and sometimes discourage possible attendees. Research has shown that virtual events are about 75% less expensive than in-person experiences. No need for travel costs, venue setup, or event breakdown fees; the minimal spend for activations and digital components offers the same caliber of experience.  

    You can still incorporate a silent auction, videos, keynote speakers, food, entertainment, fund-a-need, small group conversations, a DJ, and pretty much everything else that can be done at an in-person event, just at a lower cost. 
  1. Time Friendly – Certain times of year will always be busier than others. Certain quarters have goals to be met, holidays to celebrate, and the like. Nailing down the perfect “one-date-fits-all” can be stressful. Having an annual flagship event is never a bad idea. That way, people can anticipate it. But just in case the timing doesn’t work (or God forbid the babysitter calls out sick), having a virtual event in the rotation enables your guests to attend no matter the time or date. Keep the ballgown in the closet and attend from the comfort of your home while the kids play in the next room. Traveling? With a virtual event, you can come and go as you please without the added hassle of planning the to-and-from.

  2. Expand Your Reach – You know who your biggest supporters are and the folks who champion your cause. Hosting a virtual event encourages those supporters to invite other people in their network — regardless of geography or time zone. This enables these supporters to share their passion with those closest to them and in turn gain you more support!  

Final thoughts 

A well-executed virtual event captures the audience’s attention from start to finish.  With fewer distractions, fewer worries, and a whole lot of giving to be had, virtual events can be a big help without being a big chunk of your budget! Ready to start planning your own virtual fundraising event? Check out these additional resources: 

About Fun Team Events 

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Fun Team Events is an in-person, hybrid, and virtual events company offering fun and interactive team-bonding experiences for companies, schools, and non-profits. Our most popular events are Team Trivia, Match Game, and Bingo. We also offer other games and are always innovating new and custom events to meet our clients’ needs and expectations. Our events are hosted by professional entertainers, and their priority is to make sure your events are fun. We take care of everything from event structure to creating content to day-of responsibilities. Your events are in good (and fun) hands!

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