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The coronavirus pandemic has millions of people hunkered down in their homes, social distancing and asking themselves “What’s next?” While we certainly don’t have all the answers, here at Qgiv we exist to help nonprofits grow and succeed. To make this time easier for nonprofits, we’ve compiled a list of resources.

We’ll be updating this page regularly and encourage you to come back to check for updates. If there are any resources you think should be added, send us an email.


Donor Communication

If you communicate with your donors by posting on social media, sending email newsletters, or direct mail updates, don’t stop! Your supporters still want to hear from you during this time. Of course, they don’t expect you to pretend that everything is “charity as usual.” Use the resources below to help guide your donor communication.



COVID-19 Fundraising

Need doesn’t cease simply because it seems like the world has stopped. Many nonprofits are facing even greater need due to the coronavirus! Use the resources below to craft asks and fundraising appeals in response to the virus.



Event Management and Planning

Spring event season has been hit hard by the coronavirus. If you are looking to cancel, postpone, or transition an event to a virtual format, the tools below will help you make the best decision.



Working from Home

Working and connecting with your nonprofit colleagues doesn’t need to stop just because you’re at home. Remote work is becoming more and more common in the digital age, so there are plenty of resources to make it easier. Check out the resources below to make this time easier for you and your team.




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