Top 7 Online Donation Tools for 2017 [Reviewed and Tested]


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In the age of digital fundraising, accepting online donations is a must.

When you enable your supporters to make contributions online, you’re opening up a world of donation opportunities for them through channels like online donation pages, mobile giving, peer-to-peer and crowdfunding platforms, and more.

Convenient, fast, and secure, online donations are essential for the successful nonprofit. But in order to accept online gifts, you’ll need to select the right online donation platform.

There are a number of viable options for online giving, but some providers stand out from the crowd. Here, we’ll go over the best online donation tools in detail to help you find the right fit for you.

Let’s go through our favorites! 

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Qgiv provides online donation tools for nonprofits.

1. Qgiv


If you’re a nonprofit looking to maximize your fundraising potential with an online donation platform, look no further.

Qgiv provides simple, powerful donation pages for nonprofit organizations. Through our platform, you’ll be able to customize your pages to match your website completely. When you have a professional, branded donation page, your donors will be more likely to trust that their payments are secure (and complete the donation process!).

In addition to donation pages, Qgiv also offers a full set of fundraising products that push your fundraising to the next level. From peer-to-peer software to mobile giving, Qgiv can supply your organization with all the tools you need to raise more money and engage donors in convenient, exciting ways.

Our Favorite Features

Because Qgiv is specifically designed for nonprofits, our products are tailored to meet your organization’s needs and assist you in every aspect of fundraising.

Our tools are comprehensive and forward-thinking, with features including:

  • Online event registration.
  • Mobile-optimized donation pages.
  • Peer-to-peer pages and gamification tools.
  • Recurring giving options.
  • Mobile giving kiosks for on-site giving.
  • Integrated merchandise sales.
  • Text giving.

And even more!

In short, Qgiv has thought of almost everything to make sure your fundraising is simple, streamlined, and successful—from start to finish.

The Price Tag

QGiv’s price model is as straightforward as can be. Our tools cost $49 per month, with a transaction fee of 3.95% + $.39 (merchant fees included).

Additional products or features, such as mobile card readers or peer-to-peer software, can easily be added on for an additional fee. You can check out our full product set and prices right here.


Qgiv’s products are the perfect online fundraising solution for nonprofit organizations. Learn more about our comprehensive product set and get started accepting online donations with Qgiv today!

Accept online donations with Qgiv

Fundly is a crowdfunding service for individuals.

2. Fundly


For user-friendly crowdfunding, Fundly is hard to beat. Anyone can use Fundly to fund personal projects or raise money for charitable causes. 

Fundly provides fundraisers with custom campaign pages, complete with space for your photos, videos, and even a crowdfunding blog to keep your supporters updated with your fundraising progress. You can easily spread the word about your campaign thanks to Fundly’s simple social tools, including social media integration and other fun, easy-to-use features.

Plus, Fundly operates on a “Keep It All” fundraising model. That means you keep all the money you raise, no deadlines required. Fundly is dedicated to making sure your campaign is successful, so you don’t have to worry about the clock running out!

Our Favorite Features

Fundly understands that mobile capability is a huge aspect of online fundraising. Therefore, this online donation platform ensures that all campaign pages look stellar on small screens, including smartphones and tablets. Plus, you’ll have access to Fundly’s free crowdfunding app, where you can build and promote your page no matter where you are.

If you choose to raise money with Fundly, their team will do everything to ensure you meet your fundraising goals. Not only is their customer support team one of the best around, but they also offer a multitude of free resources, including ideas to raise even more during your campaign.

The Price Tag

There’s no initial cost to start your Fundly campaign. Fundly charges a 4.9% platform fee in addition to a payment processing fee of 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.


Fundly is the go-to online fundraising tool for individuals. To learn more about their awesome features and get started with your own campaign, check out Fundly today! 

Accept online donations with Fundly

DonorsChoose equips public school teachers with online fundraising tools.

3. DonorsChoose


On a mission to “bring the public to public schools,” DonorsChoose enables teachers to request funding for classroom supplies, technology, or other needed items and experiences for their students.

Educators can start projects by setting up custom campaign pages, sharing their stories, posting photos and videos, and describing their needs in detail, including number of students affected and the school’s level of poverty.

Because this online donation platform is designed with classrooms in mind, project-starters must request specific items and costs rather than setting a general goal. When supporters donate, they can choose exactly where their money goes.

And, because DonorsChoose takes care of all purchasing and shipping, there’s no question that classrooms get exactly what they need.

Our Favorite Features

DonorsChoose has established a tight-knit community of educators and their students, and their team is seriously dedicated to each project’s success. Every project is vetted and screened to ensure that the community standards are met.

When you post your project, you’ll have up to 4 months to meet your fundraising goals. If you don’t meet this deadline, the contributions you’ve received can be redirected to a future campaign. If you do meet you goals, DonorsChoose will handle all purchases and make sure you get your items within 3 weeks of completing your goal! 

The Price Tag

This online donation platform is always 100% free for educators. As a nonprofit themselves, DonorsChoose funds their product fulfillment and shipping (as well as other operational fees) through partnerships and donations.


If you’re a public school teacher hoping to add value to your classroom, DonorsChoose can help you meet those goals. Learn how to apply for a project with DonorsChoose! 

Accept online donations with DonorsChoose

Kickstarter enables individuals to crowdfund their creative projects online.

4. Kickstarter


One of the most popular crowdfunding services for creative projects, Kickstarter enables fundraisers to accept online donations from anyone in the world.

Kickstarter provides personalized campaign pages to help users crowdfund their creative or entrepreneurial projects. You can include photos and videos showcasing your project, as well as write a descriptive campaign story to persuade others to pitch in. Then, promote your project across your networks using Kickstarter’s social media tools.

One of Kickstarter’s defining features is its “All or Nothing” fundraising model. If fundraisers don’t meet their goals, they won’t receive any funding. While this model can be intimidating, it can also serve as a great motivator to quickly meet goals within a time crunch.

Our Favorite Features

Kickstarter makes it easy to provide incentives for donors. Fundraisers can create reward opportunities that vary with every level of support so that supporters get something out of participating, too. This platform is a great place to get creative!

Because this online donation platform is intended for creative projects, fundraisers also receive the benefit of sharing their completed projects with a thriving community of fundraisers and donors. Filmmakers, musicians, tech-innovators, and designers can come together to create, promote, and fund projects, bringing their ideas to life.

The Price Tag

For completed projects, Kickstarter charges a 5% platform fee as well as a payment processing fee of 3.% + $.20 per transaction.


Kickstarter has funded tens of thousands of creative projects through the power of online networks. For more information, read more about Kickstarter campaigns.

Accept online donations with Kickstarter

See how Bonfire's online donation tool can help your organization raise money.

5. Bonfire


By combining online giving and the classic t-shirt fundraiser, Bonfire adds a creative twist to online fundraising.

Bonfire makes it easy to collect online donations by selling custom t-shirts. Through this platform, you’ll be able to create products using their simple design tool. Your shirts can be as unique as you’d like to promote your event, cause, or organization.

With plenty of products to choose from and expert staff on hand to walk you through the process, your donors are guaranteed to walk away with apparel they love to wear for years to come.

Our Favorite Features

Booster’s products are provided by Custom Ink, one of the most trusted names in custom apparel. Not only are their shirts beautiful, but they’re the highest quality, too!

Best of all, bonfire is 100% free. Your merch will be shipped straight to you and you keep 100% of the proceeds.

Because this online donation platform understands that t-shirts are just the start of your fundraising efforts, you can choose to accept additional donations on top of your product sales. When you give your donors more ways to donate, they’re sure to give even more!

The Price Tag

Individuals, groups, and organizations can all start their Bonfire campaign with no upfront cost.

Bonfire only charges for additional donations made at checkout. They’ll deduct an 8% fee for credit card and other administrative expenses. They offer a flat shipping rate for $5 on all U.S. orders!


Bonfire is a creative, fun way to raise money for your project or cause. Learn more about starting a Bonfire campaign today!

Accept online donations with Bonfire.

Check out Funds2Orgs' online donation tool.

6. Funds2Orgs


By combining online giving and shoe drives, Funds2Orgs adds an easy and innovative twist to online fundraising.

Funds2Orgs makes it easy to collect donations by collecting used shoes. Through this platform, you’ll be able collect gently used and new shoes to turn in for a profit!

All you have to do is call Funds2Orgs when you’re ready to host a shoe drive. You’ll collect all your shoes, Funds2Orgs will come collect them, and you’ll receive your donation check in 2 business days.

Our Favorite Features

Funds2Orgs donates the shoes you collect to micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries, which means as you’re raising money to further your cause you’re helping other individuals in need, too!

The Price Tag

There are no out-of-pocket fees with Funds2Orgs! You simply collect your shoes, turn them in, and walk away with your check.


Funds2Orgs is an easy way to raise money for your cause without asking your donors for money. Learn more about starting a Funds2Orgs campaign today!

Accept online donations with Funds2Orgs.

See what Double the Donation's online donation tool can do for your nonprofit.

7. Double the Donation


Harnessing the power of online giving and maximizing that potential, Double the Donation offers nonprofits matching gift tools.

Double the Donation makes it to surpass your fundraising goals with matching gifts, which are corporate programs that allow for employers to match their employees’ donations to nonprofit organizations. Through this platform, you’ll be able collect extra donations with little extra effort!

Double the Donation will even help you market matching gifts and send appropriate content to eligible donors to encourage them to submit their matching gift requests.

Our Favorite Features

Double the Donation provides nonprofits with a widget that allows donors to search for their employer in a matching gift database and thus, determine their eligibility!

Plus, this widget is embeddable on your donation forms and your website.

The Price Tag

Double the Donation’s basic plan runs at $299 a year and their premium plan runs at $499 a year.


Double the Donation is an easy way to raise extra money for your cause. Learn more about matching gifts with Double the Donation today!

Use Double the Donation to accept online donations.

Finding the perfect online donation platform depends heavily on your needs and goals as an individual or organization.

Your software should set you up with all the tools you need to successfully collect donations online and meet your fundraising goals.

For more information on online giving, take a look at these additional resources:

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FREE BONUS: Online Donor Experience Checklist. Download our handy checklist to ensure that your donors always have a positive online donation experience!

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